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Meet me

My name is Ty Sofman. I am based out of the Bay Area and have reached my freshman year of college.

Photography has given me the freedom to be able to capture emotion and story through imagery. 

Sports jumpstarted my photography interests. As a freshman, I took pictures for the varsity basketball team, and developed a love and passion for it. 

After connecting with photographers and finding inspiration through others work, I quickly learned how versatile and expansive photography was. 

After Covid shut down the entire world, photography was almost made impossible. After not leaving the house for almost a year, the lack of content became inevitable .


I was lucky enough to travel many places in a (almost) Covid free world this past summer, which shifted my focus back to the camera. My motivation grew and I found the desire to capture an array of impactful images. 

After a successful summer with the camera, I am excited to get better, learn new skills, and help change the world through my lens.

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